About Us

Get to know 420 Cannabis’store medicine

We have high quality dispensaries in 2 states in the US ,and we have 6 years experience in this business which give us a lot of confident in what we do. We provide our clients with all the best services they can receive and make them comfortable with our products . Our prices are affordable to all our clients We do worldwide delivery which is discreet and safe. 24/7 Clients don’t need a Medical Marijuana Card to order from us.

We are optimistic about the recent upswing of attention in scientific and political spheres concerning the benefits of medical and recreational marijuana, and we work hard to ensure that all patients and customers seeking access to cannabis leave our facility with all their questions answered, and feeling at ease with their chosen products. Order weed online.

We are an OLCC licensed recreational wholesale and retailer. Our licensed cannabis dispensary is located in California at Klamath 95548 .

We grow our own flowers strictly indoors from seeds and clones to harvest, we have developed growing campaign groups to teach adult aspiring individual on growing processes every quarter of the year.

We acknowledge that every US occupant who requires clinical weed should have straightforward permission to it and we are here for your prescriptions and orders.

We organized in comprehensive wellbeing and regular recuperating, We develop every one of our spices ourselves with complex research center. We are here to give you the top quality medication from America’s own one of a kind authorized makers. The entirety of our items are of top evaluation and accompanied a 100% fulfillment ensure.

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