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ounceMany dispensaries here in Colorado have Grape Ape available, but the quality is often sub-par. This is because unless you know that you need to wait longer, it is easy to think that these plants are ready to harvest after eight weeks of flowering. By the end of the eighth week, Grape Ape plants have full-sized colas with bright orange hairs that are covered in glistening white, apparently mature trichomes (AKA resin glands), and most of the leaves will have vivid purple spots, see photo below.

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rape Ape is a hybrid plant (about 90% indica) consisting of mainly Afghani genetics, selectively bred for its incredible purple color and grape flavor. The presence of sativa genetics is only mildly apparent to the smoker, though it is somewhat more obvious to the grower.

The high of Grape Ape is very relaxing and relieving, but more clear-headed than pure indica strains, allowing one to relax without immediately getting drowsy. This characteristic makes the strain much more desirable than a pure indica for many smokers, including myself.

For the grower, Grape Ape looks almost like a pure indica; growth pattern, bud shape and size are identical to an indica, (even larger and more densely packed than many pure indicas) except that the leaves are slightly thinner. The obvious difference between growing Grape Ape and a similar pure indica (Afghani) is flowering time.

While Afghani and most other pure indicas need eight weeks or less to flower, Grape Ape requires almost ten weeks to completely mature. Please keep this in mind if you grow Grape Ape, and also note that these times are for organic soil grows; chemical hydroponic grows will finish about 10% faster and be similar in color, but with a slightly different and less powerful flavor.

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