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Trainwreck is a highly sought-after strain of cannabis for its high Sativa content but strong Indica characteristics. It gained its name through California lore that says the two brothers who developed the strain had to pull their crop early to avoid detection due to a train wreck nearby.


Trainwreck’s Sativa content gives users a cerebral high that is incredibly euphoric. The small Indica content packs a powerful punch, giving the user a lazy, relaxed feeling excellent for chronic pain and joint stiffness.

THC Content

Trainwreck has a moderately high THC content that can range between 15% and 20%. However, its effects mimic that of more potent strains.

CBD Content

Trainwreck has a low CBD content of between 0% and 1%. It is not an ideal strain for users that are looking for a mild psychoactive effect.


Developed in the 70s, Trainwreck is a cross between Thai, Mexican, and Afghani strains. Because it has been around for several decades, the genetics of this strain are stable.

Growing Guide

Trainwreck is a great strain for both indoor and outdoor growing. Because it is a Sativa dominant strain, these plants grow very tall, up to 10 feet tall. Under the right conditions, a single plant can yield up to 700 grams.

Trainwreck tolerates cooler greenhouse temperatures. It spends between 8 and 9 weeks in the flowering period. If grown outdoors, it is ready to harvest in early October.

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